University Committee for Research and Innovation

The purpose of the University Committee for Research & Innovation (UCRI) is to provide leadership in all elements of the University’s Research & Innovation and Enterprise & Business Agendas and related policies, including postgraduate research training.

Further information on the Committee is provided in its:

Associated Committees

A number of committees carry out work on behalf of and report to the University Committee for Research and Innovation:

  • The Research Degrees Committee;
  • The Research Ethics Committee; and
  • The Research Management Committee (Malaysia)

For further information on these committees, including their terms of reference, please contact the University Committee for Research and Innovation Clerk (details below).

Agendas and Minutes

The Agendas and Minutes of the Committee, from the current and previous academic years, can be obtained from the Committee Clerk (details below) or, if you are a Heriot-Watt University staff member, from the University Committee for Research and Innovation SharePoint site.

Key Contacts

Chair: Professor Garry Pender, Deputy Principal (Research and Innovation)

Vice Chair: Dr Gillian Murray, Deputy Principal (Business and Enterprise)

Clerk: David Meighan, Quality Enhancement Officer, Academic Registry

Key information

David Meighan