The ceremonies in Summer 2020 will take place on Sunday 12 July at 11am and 5pm in the 

Putrajaya Marriott Hotel
IOI Resort City
Sepang Utara

                                                             July 2020
School Programme/ Discipline Time
Sunday 12 July* 
Energy, Geoscience, Infrastructure and Society ALL 11am
Engineering and Physcial Sciences ALL 11am 
Sunday 12 July*    
Mathematical and Computer Sciences  ALL 5pm
Social Sciences, Business School** ALL 5pm

** Enquiries concerning Edinburgh Business School programmes/applications should be directed to

*Disclaimer: Heriot-Watt University will use its best endeavours to keep to the scheduled dates, times and venues for graduation ceremonies. However, due to circumstances outside the control of the University, ceremonies may be delayed, relocated to another venue or postponed. In some instances, where a ceremony is over-subscribed, arrangements may be made for an additional ceremony to take place. Where any of these circumstances occur, Heriot-Watt University is not responsible for any inconvenience or costs that may be occasioned by such event.

Additional information for Malaysia Campus Students

The MOE, Malaysia has made it mandatory for all Malaysia campus students who are graduating, to participate in an online survey called the Tracer Study. Your participation and feedback in this survey is vital to the Ministry and also to Heriot-Watt University in improving the standard of Malaysian education system. 

Ready more about the Tracer Study.