Vicki Stone

We work with governments and industry worldwide, to drive innovative research solutions into the safe use of nanotechnology to protect and improve human health.

Professor Vicki Stone Director of the Nano-Safety Research Group, Professor of Toxicology

Professor Vicki Stone's research investigates the mechanism of toxicity of a range of nanomaterials in cells of the immune system (macrophages and neutrophils), liver (hepatocytes), gastrointestinal tract, blood vessels (endothelium) and lung; with an interest in the interactions between nanomaterials, proteins and lipids, and how this influences subsequent toxicity. 

Current projects develop in vitro alternatives using microfluidics as well as high resolution imaging of individual nanomaterials in 3D and over time. Collaborating with ecotoxicologists, she is also investigating the impacts of nanomaterials on aquatic organisms.

She has coordinated a European project to identify the research priorities for an intelligent testing strategy for nanomaterials, and has been named one of The World's Most Influential Scientific Minds in the Thomson Reuters listing two years running.

Real-world impact

Professor Stone jointly received a PETA International Science Consortium award to develop an in vitro test to predict the development of lung fibrosis in humans following exposure to nanomaterials. The development of this test method is intended to both protect human health and provide an alternative to the use of animals in testing, in this case, replacing the use of rats in 90-day inhalation toxicity tests.

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