Thomas Bill

4th year

Thomas Bill, from Northern Ireland, studied in Malaysia for a year on an Inter-Campus Transfer. He is studying Business Management in the School of Social Sciences.    

Why did you decide to take part in a global student programme at Heriot-Watt?

I have always wanted to travel to Asia. When offered the chance to live in Asia for a year, with no effect on my studies it seemed the idle way of to experience the region. 

How did studying in Malaysia differ from studying in the UK?

The brand new facilities were a big change. The fantastic modern building, views and warm weather really do provide a great experience. 

What were the highlights from you global student experience?

Other than getting to live in a country where the temperature never dips below 25 degrees? We were able to use Malaysia as a base to travel around other Asian countries. We visited Vietnam, Thailand, Bali, Penang and Langkawi. The opportunities to travel to other countries are great, never mind the brilliant opportunities to travel around Malaysia itself. 

What advice would you give other students thinking of taking part in Heriot-Watt's global student programme?

My advice is first and foremost to make sure that you are academically sound before travelling out. I would also advise those applying this year to be patient with the system. It is a long process with forms and applications that take time to be processed. I would advise that you save as much money as possible so you will be able to travel around the region enjoy what it has to offer! 

My last piece of advice - DO IT!!